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Basketball World in the USA

Today, billions of people follow basketball games in different locations of the world. Under today’s world conditions, basketball sport has become a huge industry for both players and teams.

Particularly after the 1980s, the increase in competition has led to a new form of sports that includes many different parts of the sport industry with the reach of massive sports. So much so that today only a sporting event is creating a very large and complex industry on its own in many countries. The fact that sports matches can be watched by almost every part of the world through mass media by means of communication means that there is an opportunity for companies and companies to feel advertising requirement.

As a result of this thesis, there are many popular stars of basketball world. Especially, NBA is the most popular basketball organization of the world. Also, Euro league, Eurocup, Eurochallange, World Championship and European Championship are the other popular basketball organizations of the planet.

Different Rules

When we compare the rules and other specialities between NBA and European basketball, we will discover many differences. In NBA, the game is played in a total of 48 minutes in four periods of 12 minutes each. In European basketball, the total duration of the game, which consists of 4 periods of 10 minutes each, is 40 minutes in total. In NBA, each player has a total of six personal fouls; this number is only five in European basketball. European basketball has a distance of 6.75 meters from the pot, while the 3-point line in NBA is 7.24 meters.

In the case of a technical foul in European basketball, the opponent is given the right to play 1 free throw and then restart the game from the half-field. In NBA, the situation is somewhat different. After the free throw of 1 against the team of the technical foul player, the opponent team is not half of the ball to the game; The game starts from the last stop point.

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