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The Best Performers of 2018 Basketball Semi Finals

Some say win is a win, but considering the majority, it is not the same to win by three points instead of double numbers. It is not hard to understand an easy math.

Sidigas Scandone Avellino were very influental during the stretches of the first part and led by nearly 14 points in the second part, but are up 75-72 midway through the draw after the mounting of Bakken Bears a fourth-quarter fightback. It is said that they really endevoured to  get the jobe over with in the 16th Round and the Quarter-Finals despite first part ties against Tsmoki-Minsk and Juventus Utena, respectively. Their top performer was Jason Rich. He entered the basketball Semi Finals approximately 13.3 points per a game. Yet, Sidigas Scandone Avellino had scorring ace carried away his offensive game to another level as 28-point outburst against Bakken Bears. The American Guard dropped 19 in the first half solo. They ended the night between wandering 10-19 from the field with five treys and added eight rebounds,  two steals and four assists.

The Italian side had holded an advantegous size with Kyrylo Fesenko, Shane Lawal and Maarten Leunen.  Despite the fact that they were not able to reach the insentiy of Bakken Bears. They lost the basketball match for rebounds 40-30. This fact will make them face with need of addressing this special field before they go their next trip to Aarhus.

As it is seen in the records, a win is not fully a win. There are some considerable divergences between the scores. But, instead of some contrarieties, Avellino has been exertive in the semi-finals.

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