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Most Famous Basketball Fans


Country that loves basketball USA

Basketball has emerged in the US and has spread all over the world. One of the most popular sports branches in the US and Europe, greatest fan base of basketball is in the NBA leagues. Based on teams, the highest fan base is on NBA league teams, but this is still the case for national teams. It is possible to rank the team in the order of the United States, Spain, England and Greece on the basis of the countries with the world’s most fan clubs, Boston Celtic and Los Angeles Lakers. If you are wondering who the most famous basketball fans are, read on.

Who are the most famous basketball fans?

The most famous fan in the UK basketball league is the famous singer Elton Jonh, while the most famous fans in the NBA leagues playing in the US are Spike Lee, Jay Z, Selana Gomez and Jack Nicolson. It is also said that the famous British Actors Ian McKellen and Antony Hopkins are good basketball fans.

The most famous fan of the Barcelona Lassa basketball team is the Spanish cinema player Penelope Cruz, while the Spanish basketball leagues are the most commonly mentioned teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona Lassa, Valencia Basket, Unicaja Malaga and Tenerife. Quim Gutierrez, Oona Chaplin and Natalia Ramos are the official honorary members of the Real Madrid Basketball team and the most famous fans at the same time.

Of course, with USA and Spain being one of the main countries of basketball, Greece is one of the most important basketball leagues shining in Europe in recent years. The Phanatinaikos basketball team has successfully represented the country in Europe and the world, while Phanatinaikos’ most famous fan is Anastsia Tsilimpiou.

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